Michael Spencer Workshop

Upcoming Workshop: The Case for Life

Trainer: Michael Spencer from the Life Training Institute

Date: August 1st

Location: Coldwater Hospital Meeting Rooms

Mercer County Right to Life would like to thank all helping hands in our most recent fund raiser, the 2019 Mother’s Day Rose Sale. The total proceeds for this year comes to 5,363.50! These funds go on to ministries that help defend life at all stages. To show our appreciation for the 22 parishes who participate in the Mother’s Day Rose Sale, Mercer Right to Life will sponsor up to 22 workshops from Michael Spencer on, ‘The Case for Life.’

The Case for Life: Persuasively Communicating the Pro-Life Message

The Christian worldview has something important to say about every facet of life. Using science and philosophy, this workshop will equip you to answer two basic, but crucial questions in the battle for life: What are the preborn? & What makes humans valuable? Being prepared to answer these two questions will help you simplify the abortion debate and stay focused on the main issue. Come and learn to speak intelligently and winsomely to the defining moral issue of our times.

Our workshop leader will be Mike Spencer of Life Training Institute. Mike considered himself “pro-choice” until shortly after coming to faith in Christ in 1983 when the church he attended showed the pro-life film, The Silent Scream. Upon being confronted with the reality of abortion, Mike became deeply convicted and prayed for God’s forgiveness, offering himself as a voice for the unborn. Mike serves as our Midwest Director of Training and travels extensively throughout the United States equipping pro-lifers on high school and university campuses, in churches and serving as the keynote at pro-life banquets and conferences. Mike is a gifted and much sought after communicator who has a passion to equip others to speak to the often emotional and divisive issue of abortion in way that is both gracious and kind.

Mercer County Right to Life is excited to host Michael on August 1st, 7:00, at the Coldwater Hospital, Meeting Rooms 1 & 2. Light refreshments will be available before and after Michael’s workshop. Michael will be available after for questions and scheduling details. Don’t wait to strengthen your pro-life convictions!