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Mercer County RTL will again sponsor three essay contests for the following age groups: 9th and 10th grade, 11th and 12th grade, and 18-22 year old Mercer County individuals. The cash prizes for each group are as follows: 2nd place: 200 dollars and 1st place: 300 dollars! All participants will receive a McDonald’s gift card. Each educational and / or persuasive essay is to be 600 – 800 words, and to have one of the following topics: ‘Why I Am Pro-Life’, ‘How I Defend My Pro-Life Position’, or ‘How I Can Assist the Pro-Life Movement’. Essays will be scored equally by four criteria: grammar, facts, creativity, and inspiration. All essays expected to reflect the pro-life convictions held by Mercer County Right to Life. Please include in essay: contestant name, address, age group essay is to be entered, and school, and e-mail essays to before October 31st deadline. Good luck!